Hey You, Cornterstone! (Who???….me?) Yeah, You!

 S (Scripture): Psalm 118:22 The stone which the builders discarded has become the cornerstone.

O (Observation): The psalmist speaks to deliverance from death and credits The Lord with giving him life in abundance. 

And not only is the psalmist given life in abundance, but the struggling psalmist has now become the cornerstone – the most important structural piece of a building. 

The psalmist, thinking lowly of herself, has a new thought: Perhaps I’m important in God’s eyes.   Or better yet, maybe someone pointed that out to her : )

A (Application):  As a seminary student, I was put in situations in which I was made to interact with strangers.  This one time, I was serving as a chaplain at a free medical clinic.   I thought, what can I offer these people?  I’m a stranger to them.  

I would sit in the lobby and strike up conversations with folks, wearing my clerical shirt (typically black shirt with the white tab in the middle of the neck).    People would listen or engage in some conversation…typically.  

I would also wander from exam room to exam room, if the doctors and nurses were not with the patients.   I would ask patients if I could come and sit with them for a few minutes (All the time, wondering, what do I have to offer?  Nothing!  No common experiences, no “I feel ya” moments to share in.)

A young black lady in her late teens welcomed me in as I made the rounds.  We had a nice conversation, but I only remember what she said just before I left.  

She raised her left hand kind of above her head, and said, “A lot of times, preachers talk way up here.”  Then she raised her right hand just above her waist and said, “And I always feel like I’m way down here.”

Then she drew her hands together in the middle and wove her fingers together said, “But, today, you and me were here together…Thank you.”   

Wow! That was totally AWESOME!  I really didn’t have anything to offer, and yet, in that moment, God saw fit to make me and that young lady like a cornerstone in each other’s lives.   God made me her cornerstone, maybe giving her hope that some pastors out there are willing to talk plain with her and help her to feel of worth in this world.  

And God was using her as my cornerstone, giving me the encouragement to know that God could maybe even use someone like me to share His Word…the Gospel…the news that saving grace can establish us as a cornerstone, especially when we think we are not worthy or deserving.  

What have been your cornerstone moments?

P (Prayer): Lord, you call us to lay down our lives for you, so that you can place us in the important moments in the lives of others.  Make me a cornerstone again and again.  Amen.  

3 thoughts on “Hey You, Cornterstone! (Who???….me?) Yeah, You!

  1. I was serving as Admin. Asst. at our church in Florida when one of our member’s mother passed away. When she came in to speak with the Pastor about the service, she was trying to pick out hymns but didn’t know the tune. Pastor asked me to come in and sing a few of them to her to see if she wanted them or not in the service. Following the service and for years after, she still thanks me for being such a big help to her in that time of her grieving. In that time and in that place, God used my gift of music to help someone and I thanked God for placing me there to be able to show His love to someone else.

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