Why do a daily devotional?

We are created to be rhythmic beings.  We are created to work from our rest, and NOT work, work, work…CRASH!   Spending time with the King of kings is something Jesus did every day.  He modeled the daily discipline of spending time with God to receive clarity of mission and to rest before work.   So we do the same…


How can you create your own daily devotional?

When I started, I simply followed what my mentor did in terms of posting a daily devotional privately, with a small group of trusted folks.  That transformed into posting these occasionally on Facebook and starting an email list.  That transformed into this blog/website.  So…start easy, start small.  And find a model that works for you!  The model posted here can work for you as an individual, or in a group setting, where you can bounce ideas off of one another.

So here’s the 2 steps you need:

  1. Find a daily scripture reading plan.
  2. Find a model to follow.


Here are 2 examples of Daily Scripture Reading Plans:


Here is the SOAP Model, with my explanation:

S = Scripture – The Daily Moravian texts

O = Observation – What caught your attention from this reading? What question do you now have about yourself or God or others?

A = Application – How does this apply to your life? This is the most important part of the SOAP form – Application: “That’s the kicker… it keeps you mindful that you’re not just reading to read, but to be changed.”

P = Prayer – This can be intimidating, but this is where we get the most grace. Just give it a try. Where do you need prayer? If you are being stretched, ask God to watch over you and give you rest. If you are “too comfortable”, seek God’s guidance into new territory. Can’t go wrong here : )


Happy Digging, y’all!

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