Hello!  Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Michael Jannett and my wife is Kelly Jannett.  We have 3 beautiful children.   We live in Murfreesboro, TN, where I serve as the pastor of Advent Lutheran Church (www.TheAdventChurch.com), in Murfreesboro, TN, which is member church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (www.ELCA.org).

Please feel free to contact me any time through the contact form below.  Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to share with this blog with anyone you know.

Peace out!

Pr. Michael Jannett



Why “Digging Daily”?


Whether you’re new at this whole discipleship thing, or a veteran, you’re always about the work of digging…mining God’s presence daily, weekly, monthly, annually.

Why?  Because we don’t always experience God on the mountaintop…and when our lives are in “the Pit” we typically feel God is absent.

So we are about the work of seeking God’s presence.  Where do we do that? You can start by reading this blog.   How do we do that?   Well, we dig!  We dig a well, a canal, so that we can tap into God’s presence daily.  We spend time in Scripture, Prayer, Giving, Worship, Spiritual Relationships, Serving.   You know…DIGGING!

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      Designed for simplicity, and so that others might try this on their own, too, for their own personal reflections.



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