Even THEM, Lord?


S (Scripture): 1 Kings 8:41 “Foreigners, who do not belong to your people Israel, will come from a distant land because of your reputation. 8:42 When they hear about your great reputation and your ability to accomplish mighty deeds, they will come and direct their prayers toward this temple. 8:43 Then listen from your heavenly dwelling place and answer all the prayers of the foreigners. Then all the nations of the earth will acknowledge your reputation, obey you like your people Israel do, and recognize that this temple I built belongs to you.

O (Observation): Even as the Temple is being built for God’s people, Solomon has the wisdom to see that the Temple is for God, and not just God’s people…that the Temple is a dwelling place through which God calls people to Himself.

A (Application): How do we view our church buildings today? As Temples, or projects? Has our consumeristic society coopted our building usage? Are we more about meeting peoples’ needs, or making sure that even foreigners (non-believers) might come and believe.

P (Prayer): Lord, remind us that our Temples are not to be worshipped. Remind us that you are present in our Temples, and that you welcome all people into your grade. Amen.


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