Wait For the Lord

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S (Scripture): Psalm 31


Bless the Lord,

    because he has wondrously revealed

    his faithful love to me

    when I was like a city under siege!


When I was panicked, I said,

    ā€œIā€™m cut off from your eyes!ā€

But you heard my request for mercy

    when I cried out to you for help.


All you who are faithful, love the Lord!

    The Lord protects those who are loyal,

        but he pays the proud back to the fullest degree.


All you who wait for the Lord,

be strong and let your heart take courage.

O (Observation): Being courageous in the face of adversity, this psalmist finds hope. Hope not from within, but hope from The Lord.

Knowing the love of God, especially in a time of great turmoil, brings hope. No outside circumstance can imprison one’s hopes and dreams.

I can only imagine what it must be like to be one of God’s people of Israel, cast out into Babylonian captivity. Perhaps the hope of this psalmist was forged in the heart of one of God’s people forced to live in a Babylonian bungalow.

Waiting. And waiting. And waiting.

A (Application): What are you waiting for? Do you feel alone? Do you sense hope? Hopelessness?

The range of emotions is endless when waiting. A family waits over 6 hours while a loved one is undergoing serious surgery. A young family awaits word on whether or not they are approved for their home loan. An expectant mother awaits word on whether she will need to have a c-section or be able to give birth naturally. Waiting. Waiting.

The counsel I have (coming from today’s Scripture, not from me) is this:

Wait for the Lord. Be strong. Take heart. For the Lord will carry you through whatever may come.

(Here is a link to a meditative song based on Psalm 31:24. Take a moment. Be still. Listen.)

P (Prayer): Lord, make us know of your steadfast love. We cannot wait alone or be strong alone or take heart alone. Give us your Spirit and surround us with loving community. Amen.