Southeastern Synod Meets in Assembly this Weekend – Our Annual Pilgrimage

Logo courtesy of Ms. Linda Few, Synod Assembly Committee

As most of you know, I serve as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.   I serve as the pastor of Advent Lutheran Church, in Murfreesboro, TN.  My wife (Kelly) and our three children embrace the annual pilgrimage known as the Synod Assembly.    

The ELCA is comprised of 65 synods (think of “synod” as a geographical area).   Every synod meets annually for mutual upbuilding, fellowship, worship, and to speak with one voice on issues related to the ELCA, social issues, and much, much more.  We study Scriptire together, attend various workshops, and learn how we are all doing our best to be stewards of the Gospel.  

I will post a picture or two throughout the weekend, updating this post at various times.  

I will post a new devotion again on Tuesday, May 31.  
Update:  in the plenary hall!!!