Re-Cap of Global Pilgrimage (Day 1 of 2)

Friday, 9/26/14, provided lots of “kairos” (God-moments), at 3DM’s Global Pilgrimage. I think my favorite quote of the day was when Jo Saxton (part of the 3DM team) was discussing Deborah in Judges 4, and the flaming chariots of the enemy were a foreboding and fearful image. Saxton explained the difference between what we see and what God might be seeing in this situation:

“We see chariots. God sees breakthrough.”
This quote sums up the whole day for me. A lot of times, we see church as an organization, or a gathering of like-minded individuals. I think church is so much more, and I think we hunger for more. I think we hunger for breakthrough.

Mike Breen, founder of 3DM, reminded us that God had Gideon (Judges 6) defeat an army of 10’s of 1,000’s with trumpets and torches.
Breen also pointed out that Gideon’s story starts out with the Israelites in the scarcity mentality. They are hiding in the hills, forgetting about their God of Abundance.

But once again, I come back to Saxton’s quote: “We see chariots. God sees breakthrough.”

Now, fill in the blank with the obstacle or threat that is blocking your view of God’s Kingdom breaking through:

“We see ________. God sees breakthrough.”

I’ll reflect on today’s event later.

Peace out! Pr. Michael Jannett