To overdo…or Not to Overdo


S (Scripture): Psalm 119:161 Rulers pursue me for no reason, yet I am more afraid of disobeying your instructions.

O (Observation): The psalmist has a healthy fear of the Lord.  The psalmist conveys a sense that displeasing the Lord would be worse than displeasing people of power in this world.  

A (Application):  I think this is where my sense of conviction comes into play.   I would much rather displease the powers and principalities of this world than The Lord.   And moreover, this tells me that the Lord is more powerful and just than the rulers and powers of this world.  

This approach has a very practical impact on my daily life. My kids aren’t overdoing it in terms of activities.   They have chores and learn to save, spend, give with the money they earn from chores.  Being a good steward is a key value for us, and we try to live that out.  This also means that we don’t just spoil our kids, even though the trend is to have the latest phone or video game system, etc.   

For my wife and I…we put purchasing a new HVAC system on hold until we save a chunk of change large enough to pay for a new one with cash.  The world says we should put it on credit…but window AC units and (safe) space heaters do wonders : )

Our time, talent, and treasures are granted to us by God.   That is the Good News!   We have gifts and ministries to share.   Let’s use them for God’s glory, and not just for the world’s approval.  
When we focus on the world’s approval, we tend to be disappointed.   When we focus on what God calls us into, we receive grace upon grace.  

What “rulers” are you bumping up against today?  Are they financial bullies?   Emotional?  Spiritual?

P (Prayer): Lord, challenges lie all around us.  Keep us steadfast in your ways, which bring life and abundance. Amen.