Humility in Leadership


S (Scripture): Psalm 18:46 The Lord is alive!
My protector is praiseworthy!
The God who delivers me is exalted as king!

O (Observation): Simple words today from the psalmist. God, as King, protects the psalmist and gives the psalmist Authority and Power to represent The Lord in the world.

A (Application): A true leader will recognize their gift as something to be used for the greater good, rather than an opportunity to exploit.

Where have you been given Authority? As a parent? A teacher? A church leader? A coach? How has that Authority been a gift? A burden?

This Authority is temporary and yet powerful. Authority gives vision and direction to those who receive it. I will continue to thank God that the ministries in which I’m involved are not for my benefit, solely, but for the greater good. And that obstacles that get in my way will be taken care of by The Lord.

P (Prayer): Lord of Power and Might, protect me and all who follow you. Allow our Authority to represent you to be authentic and for the sake of the others around us. Amen.