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S (Scripture): Proverbs 11


Those who give generously receive more,

    but those who are stingy with what is appropriate will grow needy.


Generous persons will prosper;

    those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed.

O (Observation): Proverbs are snippets of wisdom. Sometimes a few verses run together to develop a theme. Wisdom here looks like good stewardship practices.

What happens to your state of mind when you are generous? You are in a position to receive! You see that there is plenty to go around!!! Money or gifts may go out, blessing comes in.

What happens when you are stingy? You are perpetually in a state of scarcity. You only see how little there is in the world, and if others have stuff, that’s less for you! It’s a win-lose scenario.

A (Application): Umm…See observation. : )

Nothing has changed in this regard.

Try giving. Receive joy.

Giving already? Give more!!!

P (Prayer): Lord, keep us mindful of the plenty you provide for me, for my family, for all of humanity, for the earth. Amen.


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