Unity with God

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S (Scripture): Psalm 56

All day long [my attackers] frustrate my pursuits;

    all their thoughts are evil against me.

You yourself have kept track of my misery.

    Put my tears into your bottle—

    aren’t they on your scroll already?

O (Observation): Countless times have God’s faithful shared their fears and worries with God. And countless times, God’s people trust. God knows the fears of the author of this psalm.

For God has captured all the author’s tears…God has recorded them…stored them…

A (Application): God knows our sadness and frustrations and fears.

What if salvation was more about God knowing us, and journeying with us, rather than helping us to desire to be removed from this world?

What if salvation is God helping us to become one with God for now and eternity? After all, God knows our inmost parts and worries and fears. God counts the number of our tears. In coming to us, putting on flesh, we know that God knows our very selves.

And God knows the worst…God knows death…and has overcome that separation we experience from God. Easter is about celebrating that God is with us, even through death and hell.

What weighs you down this day? How can knowing that God counts your tears help you in your journey?

P (Prayer): Lord, keep us steadfast in you. Help us to know that you hear our suffering and cries and tears. Amen.


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