Beautiful Commands

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S (Scripture): Psalm 19

The Lord’s Instruction is perfect,

    reviving one’s very being.

The Lord’s laws are faithful,

    making naive people wise.

The Lord’s regulations are right,

    gladdening the heart.

The Lord’s commands are pure,

    giving light to the eyes.

Honoring the Lord is correct,

    lasting forever.

The Lord’s judgments are true.

    All of these are righteous!

O (Observation): God’s people praise God for the commands they have been given. How would they know how to behave if not guided? What boundaries would they break if not given a heads up first?

How would people begin to live in harmony? Loving God and loving neighbor is possible because God gave the people a way to live within certain boundaries.

These boundaries protect people from harm. These boundaries give people hope that their God and neighbor are looking out for them.

A (Application): Commands. Are commands good? What if they are difficult? What if we don’t keep the commands? Will God love us if we fail? Will our loved ones love us if – and when – we fail?

Maybe the commands are not about us being good or bad. Maybe the commands are not about proving our worth before God or neighbor.

Maybe the commands are beautiful, because they point to what the Kingdom of God looks like. We can face the challenges and joys of following God’s commands, even as fumble our way to following them imperfectly.

May God guide us as we embrace the goodness of our commands.

P (Prayer): Lord, we wish to see your wisdom in the commands. Amen.


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