Is God Here in Difficult Times?

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S (Scripture): Psalm 143


Listen to my prayer, Lord!

Because of your faithfulness, hear my requests for mercy!

Because of your righteousness, answer me!


Please don’t bring your servant to judgment,

because no living thing is righteous before you.


The enemy is chasing me,

crushing my life in the dirt,

forcing me to live in the dark

like those who’ve been dead forever.


My spirit is weak inside me—

inside, my mind is numb.


I remember the days long past;

I meditate on all your deeds;

I contemplate your handiwork.


I stretch out my hands to you;

my whole being is like dry dirt, thirsting for you.

O (Observation): The author is in the midst of a most difficult circumstance. They realize their lack of control over the outside circumstances, and life is dry and numb.

Does this mean the author is not faithful? Does this mean the author doubts? Does this mean the author was unfaithful and caused this harm to himself or herself?

A (Application): So often, we think that blessings come in good times when we are faithful, and bad things happen when we are unfaithful. That correlation cannot be more wrong.

Sometimes, faithful folks encounter difficult times and good things happen to us when we are doubting God and others.

The psalmist gives us space to be in the midst of difficult circumstances and still feel like God is still present. Even though things aren’t going our way, we can still trust in God to be with us and walk us through the challenges.

This can look like a friend being with us, or a pot of soup being brought over on a cold day.

Be on the lookout for signs of God showing up where we least expect. Especially in our times of challenge.

P (Prayer): God, we are challenged, but looking for you. Amen.

5 thoughts on “Is God Here in Difficult Times?

  1. Hi Michael,

    I remembered you to the congregation at mid-week service, reading yesterday’s post to them and encouraging them to follow you.

    I was very complimentary of you to give them hope that when I retire the church doesn’t have to close because there are so many pastors of superior talent!~

    Merry Christmas. Kim Stover


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  2. Merry Christmas to you Michael and family! In reading today’s “Digging…” I had a flash back to LTSS and Tony Everett and WIGIAT connection. I have used this acronym several times not only in my own life but have sharedWith other congregations that I have consulted with and have done supply with. Such a powerful connection and so easy for most everyone to connect with. A time to pause, a time to ask for strength, for comfort, for the realization that YOU are not in control, and to understand that faith and prayer is still in your life. Thanks for helping make  this connection for me. And for bringing many great memories of LTSS to my day (even though I was there for only 6 months back in ‘04).

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