Helping Others Helps You!

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S (Scripture): Psalm 130


I hope, Lord.

My whole being hopes,

and I wait for God’s promise.


My whole being waits for my Lord—

more than the night watch waits for morning;

yes, more than the night watch waits for morning!


Israel, wait for the Lord!

Because faithful love is with the Lord;

because great redemption is with our God!


He is the one who will redeem Israel

from all its sin.

O (Observation): Once again, a Psalm brings forth hope and comfort in the midst of distress. God is watching over us. God will redeem our situation!

A (Application): A little bit of hope goes a long way. If you are feeling hopeless as Thanksgiving approaches, please pick up a phone and call someone…send an actual card…send a text or a tweet or a FB post. Go out and cook a meal for someone else! Help others know that you care about them.

Hopefully, you caring for them will return as a blessing to you. Whether or not they have acknowledged the note, perhaps you can be satisfied that you led the way. Maybe that – along with God’s presence – will give you hope this week.

(See y’all next Monday! Happy Thanksgiving!)

P (Prayer): Lord, we are thankful for what we have. Help us to let others know that we care for them – family and strangers alike. Amen.


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