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S (Scripture): Psalm 120


Oh, I’m doomed

because I have been an immigrant in Meshech,

because I’ve made my home among Kedar’s tents.


I’ve lived far too long

with people who hate peace.


I’m for peace,

but when I speak, they are for war.

O (Observation): the psalmist speaks of being cast out to a foreign place. In that place of uncertainty, the palmist speaks up for peace, but…the cry for peace returns with cries of war.

A (Application): A simple meditation today. What I did with this text was to simply dwell in vv. 6 and 7. I repeated them, slowly, over and over in my heart.

War doesn’t just mean guns and bombs and land. War can mean being unsettled, being in a prison of one’s own making. The battlefield might be for larger numbers, or more influence, or more stuff.

Hate peace? That’s like living in a constant state of discontent.

I’m for peace. Let’s see how long God grants me peace.

P (Prayer): Lord, peace…is your calling for us all. Help us all to see peace. Amen.


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