The Conundrum

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S (Scripture): Deuteronomy 32:6

Is this how you thank the Lord,

you stupid, senseless people?

Isn’t he your father, your creator?

Didn’t he make you and establish you?


God found Israel in a wild land—

in a howling desert wasteland—

he protected him, cared for him,

watched over him with his very own eye.


They made God jealous with strange gods,

aggravated him with detestable things.


They sacrificed to demons, not to God,

to deities of which they had no knowledge—

new gods only recently on the scene,

ones about which your ancestors had never heard.

O (Observation): The recognition of God as sovereign is key…God is the one who claimed the Hebrew people. And how do they show their gratitude? By showing allegiance to other gods. And not just other gods…new gods – gods their ancestors have never heard of before!

A (Application): Interesting. We are are not so different from our ancestors. We invent new ways – all of the time – of creating other gods in our lives. Gods our ancestors never heard of:

Social media platforms. Smart phones. Smart tv’s. Smart watches. (Oops…those are just some of mine. : )

Fancy beach homes. Cruises. Vacation destinations. Fast cars. On and on and on.

My family and I are going to Disney after Christmas in 2018, and staying through New Year’s (yes it will be slammed).

As we are researching what to do, we see that the most exquisite meal (in my opinion) is around $400 for 5 people. Yikes! (That’s dinner at Cinderella’s castle – the iconic castle in the Disney logo.) So, we’re skipping that one.

So, yes, we make new gods all of the time. And yet we try to be faithful to God…to act justly and love mercy. And be humble about it.

I’m going to enjoy my vacation with my family. We work hard and will enjoy this time away. And we will continue to give 10% of our income and serve and create relationships in my home town. We will continue to dig deep into God’s word and share God’s Good News.

And I will struggle – also – with story of the rich man who (after admitting to keeping all of the commandments) receives this word from Jesus: “Well done. Now, go and sell everything and give it to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven, then come follow me.” And the man walked away – very sad – for he was very rich. (Luke 18:22-23)


P (Prayer): Lord, guide and direct me. Amen.


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