The Long Game

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S (Scripture): Luke 3:23 Jesus was about 30 years old when he began his ministry. People supposed that he was the son of Joseph son of Heli…31b son of Nathan son of David 32 son of Jesse…34 son of Jacob son of Isaac son of Abraham…38b son of Adam son of God.

O (Observation): Jesus’ genealogy shows up here and a slightly different format shows up in Matthew.

Why is this genealogy here? Jesus is God’s new plan, right? Well…sorta…

The arc of salvation history runs long. In the beginning, God brought order and life out of chaos. God chose Abraham and Sarah to be the parents of God’s people. When God’s people were enslaved, God set them free. God assigned judges to speak on God’s behalf and to oversee the people in the Promised Land. When the people wanted a king, God let them have one, but then provided prophets to be God’s mouthpiece. A few kings were really good…some really bad.

Eventually, God’s people were so self-centered, God said, “Fine. Let me know how things work out for you.” But God never gave up…God simply let them figure things out on their own.

And eventually, Jesus comes along. In that great long lineage, comes the Savior. God never forgot the wrongs the people committed and God never forgot the joy of being with humanity.

Jesus – who was in the beginning – comes to earth…through the Great Lineage…to be hope for the hopeless, joy for the sad, corrector of the haughty, and raises those made low.

A (Application): Life can get us down. But what gives me hope is that God is working in many and various ways – much of which we cannot see. Evil may be hanging around, but it will not be the victor!

May God challenge us to move through the world with eyes wide open! Notice the special God-moments all around.

God is up to something. Can you feel it?

P (Prayer): Lord, we fail to notice your new life. Remind us that your reign works and grows around us. Help us to see it. Amen.


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