Being Led

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S (Scripture): Mark 6:6b Then Jesus traveled through the surrounding villages teaching.

7 He called for the Twelve and sent them out in pairs. He gave them authority over unclean spirits. 8 He instructed them to take nothing for the journey except a walking stick—no bread, no bags, and no money in their belts. 9 He told them to wear sandals but not to put on two shirts. 10 He said, “Whatever house you enter, remain there until you leave that place. 11  If a place doesn’t welcome you or listen to you, as you leave, shake the dust off your feet as a witness against them.” 12 So they went out and proclaimed that people should change their hearts and lives. 13 They cast out many demons, and they anointed many sick people with olive oil and healed them.

O (Observation): Jesus is now sending out the disciples for their first journey. He tells them to go, trusting that God will support them on their mission. Don’t bring a ton of extra stuff with you. Just go, and God will give you what you need. Some will welcome you and your message of Good News. Others will outright reject you and the Good News. So be it.

This was not Jesus’ first step with his disciples. He built a relationship first. He challenges them only after equipping them (and helping them to know that God will continually be equipping them over time).

A (Application): I’m always hesitant to just throw people out into a new thing. My kids. My friends. My congregational members.

I’m scared for them. I let fear creep in. Or maybe I want it done “my way.”

Yet I have an example in Jesus and a trust in God that surpasses my worries. I hope I can still live this out.

Where do I actually land on all of this? Here is what I do: I give folks information about how something is done; then, I give them something to imitate; finally, I send them out to innovate their own way.

Information -> Imitation -> Innovation

Quite often we jump from Information to setting folks free to Innovation. Yet we all need something / someone to follow, first! YouTube videos are good information, but that’s not exactly imitation. The missing element from videos is the Guide who helps you in your imitation.

As I’ve witnessed and experienced when I receive information, the one leading me has given me a chance to imitate, AND RECEIVE CORRECTION. That correction cannot be found in a video, but in a relationship. The relationship is key to imitating so that you can eventually innovate.

Trusting God is important for us as followers of Christ. And having someone to guide us in our mission in the world is as important. We need affirmation and correction along the way.

I hope you find that someone. I hope God can be sensed close to you. I hope you are equipped for mission and that you know grace along the way.

P (Prayer):


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