The Leper

Content Warning: I make comments about self-harm and death by suicide in this blog post. If that is a negative trigger for you, please act accordingly. Maybe re-join me tomorrow, or simply prepare yourself. Peace!

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S (Scripture): Leviticus 13:45 Anyone with an infection of skin disease must wear torn clothes, dishevel their hair, cover their upper lip, and shout out, “Unclean! Unclean!” 46 They will be unclean as long as they are infected. They are unclean. They must live alone outside the camp.

O (Observation): I almost think that the ancient priests of the Hebrew people were to act like healthcare advocates. All of this stuff about skin disease…you wouldn’t believe it was in the Bible unless you read it for yourself!

It’s there though…in ink : )

The unclean persons – unclean with skin disease – were not only to separate themselves from the rest of the worshipping community, but then also – if someone was close to them in proximity – had to shout: “Unclean! Unclean!”

Imagine that…

Ritual cleanliness was this a way to keep diseases from spreading, but the social impact was much much worse than the physical.

A (Application): Social / Emotional health is a BIG concern these days. Kids cut their arms to show they are hurting. Kids take pills to put themselves out of their own misery. They feel so trapped. They don’t know what else to do.

Who is listening to them?

Who are they listening to to make them feel that way? Is it parents? Social media? Cohorts? Friends? Movies? Society as a whole?

To be an outcast – whether you perceive this in yourself, or if you have actually been pushed aside – is a terribly lonely state of being. Connection is very important for us to be healthy. Connection leads to understand and sympathy.

Jesus healed lepers. Not all appreciated it, but he did it nonetheless. He wants all to be in fellowship with one another. Jesus told the apostles they had the power to heal, and they did. But it soon stopped. We just couldn’t believe it was real.

Jesus believed it, though. And he lived it.

Are you the leper? Are you seeking healing? Are you seeking community?

P (Prayer): Lord, keep us in your care. Bring us together. Amen.


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