Hello.  Who is this?

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S (Scripture): Hebrews 1:1 In the past, God spoke through the prophets to our ancestors in many times and many ways. 2 In these final days, though, he spoke to us through a Son. God made his Son the heir of everything and created the world through him.

O (Observation): As God’s people move further and further from Christ in the flesh, they seek clarification of Jesus’ identity.  Many in Jesus’ day claimed to have messianic powers, but this text shows Jesus as the true Son of God, higher than the angels.  

Ultimately, Jesus – the Son of God, is God’s true Messenger.   

A (Application):  The author of Hebrews makes pretty clear that God is speaking through Jesus. We hear clarification of the law and prophets through the lens of Christ. We interpret the Scriptures and our personal and communal discernment through the lens of Christ.  

As such, I seek to share Old and New Testament scriptures through the lens of Christ. 

I seek other new revelations through the voice of Christ, God’s Messenger.  

I seek communal discernment regarding how we are to be a Christian community through the messages of Christ. 

I seek to share a position of welcome and acceptance, because I see the world (at least I try to) through the lens of Christ, the voice of Christ, with the help of the Holy Spirit.  

Our world twists and turns, and the only steady presence is the Spirit. The Scriptures give us a glimpse of God and God’s grace.   Now, we must interpret the present times through the lens / voice of Christ.   

May we be humble, yet bold in this process of discernment.   

P (Prayer):  Lord, keep us steadfast in following your Messenger, Jesus Christ, through the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  

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