Exhortation or Salvation?

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S (Scripture): 1 Timothy 3:1 This saying is reliable: if anyone has a goal to be a supervisor in the church, they want a good thing. 2 So the church’s supervisor must be without fault. They should be faithful to their spouse, sober, modest, and honest. They should show hospitality and be skilled at teaching. 3 They shouldn’t be addicted to alcohol or be a bully. Instead, they should be gentle, peaceable, and not greedy. 4 They should manage their own household well—they should see that their children are obedient with complete respect, 5 because if they don’t know how to manage their own household, how can they take care of God’s church?

O (Observation): The author of this letter is encouraging the leaders of the churches to reflect on their actions and their home lives.   The work done at home is almost as important as the work one does as a public leader of the church.  

A (Application): Exhortation vs Salvation. Sometimes we get these two things confused.  We sometimes judge ourselves or others based on texts like the one I quoted for today.   

We would do well to discern which texts are helpful for discerning salvation, and which are useful for reproving, or becoming more faithful in one’s journey.  

Too often, we look at a text like this and judge ourselves too harshly.   My suggestion is that our repentance be a daily part of our journey.  And in daily repentance, we receive daily forgiveness.  

We confess to one another.   Or, at least, we should.   That’s exhortation.   Confession is not an issue of salvation, but it does a soul good!

Work on your faith in your home.  Work on forgiving one another in your home.  Doing this is part of working out your faith.   Your salvation is not based on how good you are at forgiving…but forgiving one another regularly is a good practical way to live out your faith, especially as a leader.  

Of what do you need to repent this day?  Who do you need to forgive?   

P (Prayer):   Lord, you have saved us.  Help us to act accordingly.  Amen.  


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