We Are Not Giving Up on Each Other

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S (Scripture): Jeremiah 14

7 Even though our sins testify against us,
help us, Lord, for your name’s sake.
We have turned away from you
and sinned against you time and again.
8 You are the hope of Israel,
its savior in times of trouble.
Why are you like a stranger in the land,
like a tourist spending only the night?
9 Why are you like one taken by surprise,
like a warrior unable to act?
Yet you are in our midst, Lord;
we are called by your name.
Don’t give up on us.

O (Observation):  Jeremiah hears plainly from God that God desires to correct the people of Judah by bringing destruction on them.  Jeremiah doesn’t excuse God’s people, but rather, Jeremiah recalls God’s promises to forgive and serve God’s people.  Jeremiah pleads for mercy and wonders what justice will look like.  

A (Application):  “Don’t give up on us.”   In this state of crisis we are in as a nation, this phrase stands out for me.   God, don’t give up on us. 

Last night, I met with community leaders who are hoping that we all are not giving up on each other.    The discussion was about the statue in the square, but it was more than just the statue.  

What surfaced in our conversation was that this statue honored the Confederacy as a whole.  Not a tribute to an individual, by to all those who fought for the South.  To hear my African American brothers and sisters, this statue represents oppression and stands as a reminder that one group of people sees themselves as superior to another.  And this statue is a constant reminder of this racism.  

A peaceful conversation was had, and some opposing views were shared in good faith.   No one wants violence here.  We are striving for a good resolution.  We are not giving up on each other.  

P (Prayer):  Lord, where are you?   Show us!  Amen. 


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