A Win-Win Scenario

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S (Scripture): Psalm 89

19 Once you spoke in a vision
to your faithful servants:
I placed a crown on a strong man.
I raised up someone specially chosen from the people.
20 I discovered my servant David.
I anointed him with my holy oil.
21 My hand will sustain him—
yes, my arm will strengthen him!

27 Yes, I’ll make him the one born first—
I’ll make him the high king of all earth’s kings.
28 I will always guard my loyal love toward him.
My covenant with him will last forever.
29 I will establish his dynasty for all time.
His throne will last as long as heaven does.

O (Observation): The author of this psalm recalls God's covenant with God's people through King David. God entered a promise and God holds God accountable. Of course, that doesn't stop the author from reminding God of this covenant from time to time 🙂

This psalm serves as a reminder to God's people that God chooses to bless and sustain them…forever. The hard part for God's people is that God's sustenance may look different than their picture of sustenance.

A (Application): As God's people of today, we certainly need to be reminded of God's everlasting covenant. I know of lots of Jesus-followers who grow tired and weary of the "right" or the "left."

God's covenant is for all of God's people. And those not in that covenant are to be recipients of neighborly love. So…we're all in this together.

But winning feels so much better to some. Winning is the only thing for some. And winning would be great, if we entered win-win situations. But our sinful pride kicks in and we look for a "win" for ourselves, and fail to think about how others end up – as winners or losers.

Being reminded of God's covenant is a reminder that God desires a win-win for all people. For believers and non-believers alike. God welcomes all people into the covenant. If they accept the invitation or not, is between them and God.

I lean on my Baptism and weekly worship and being in relationship with the community around me as reminders of God's grace in my life. I look around at my friends and worship liturgy and the sacraments…they constantly remind me that God has entered a covenant with me and all of God's people. I need not fear. I need not win if someone else is going to lose.

May we see our lives as being lived within a covenant that God has made with us…a covenant into which all people are welcome. It's a win-win.

P (Prayer): Lord, help us to see the covenant God has made with us, and help us to invite others in. Amen.


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