God is Always Finding a Way

S (Scripture): 2 Chronicles 24:1 Joash was seven years old when he began to reign. He reigned for forty years in Jerusalem.  His mother was Zibiah, who was from Beer Sheba. 2 Joash did what the Lord approved throughout the lifetime of Jehoiada the priest. 3 Jehoiada chose two wives for him who gave him sons and daughters…

17 After Jehoiada died, the officials of Judah visited the king and declared their loyalty to him. The king listened to their advice. 18 They abandoned the temple of the Lord God of their ancestors, and worshiped the Asherah poles and idols. Because of this sinful activity, God was angry with Judah and Jerusalem…

22 King Joash disregarded the loyalty his father Jehoiada had shown him and killed Jehoiada’s son. As Zechariah was dying, he said, “May the Lord take notice and seek vengeance!”

O (Observation):  Isn’t this King Joash the same one the Lord had surrounded with helpers in order to give him his rightful position as king (of the line of David)!?!?!?  Joash was an innocent little baby who needed protection from a wacky relative who was bent on destroying the line of David.  God seemed to have protected Joash.  And now…Joash has gone rogue?

So did God save the wrong person?  

A (Application):  We don’t always know what’s going to happen or how or why….but we know that God has a way of working things out for the good.  I don’t think God makes bad things happen.  But I do think God can transform the wrong we do (or the good we fail to do) and turns that into something good for the Kingdom of God.    The transformation can take just minutes, or hours.   It can take days or weeks.  And at times, it takes years, decades, and even centuries.   But God finds a way.  

The line of David was not snuffed out.  God found a way.  And God is still finding ways to work in and through us.  

To work through all of God’s people, of all races and genders and ethnicities.  God is always finding a way.  Despite our treachery, despite our allegiance to worldly alliances, like denominations or political parties…God is always finding a way.  

P (Prayer): Lord, remind me that while I’m not called to save the world, I am called to find ways to change my little corner of the world.  For your kingdom and for your glory.  Amen. 


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