Lord, Rise Up through Us

S (Scripture): Psalm 21:13 Rise up, O Lord, in strength! We will sing and praise your power!

O (Observation):  Admittedly, this verse is meant for king and country.   That is, the political and military leader who serves the Lord (and that nation) gives thanks to God for God’s mighty acts.

A (Application):  Sometimes, we try to assign positive movement forward with God’s will.  Sometimes progress, though, isn’t helpful.  Depends on what’s being accomplished.   Are the poor, the marginalized, being served an injustice?   If so, we speak up, we speak out. 

Why get involved?   Because justice cries out for action.   To be idle in times of injustice is to be complicit with the injustice.  

We rely on the Lord to Rise Up and take action.  Yet we must realize that we may be the ones through whom God wishes to act.  So we move into a state of readiness.  As bridegrooms awaiting the bride.   We remain vigilant and seek the Lord’s wisdom on what to say and when to say it.  

P (Prayer): Lord, give us strength…give us wisdom.  Amen.  


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