Even Me?

S (Scripture): Acts 4:13 When (the rulers, the elders, and the experts in the law) saw the boldness of Peter and John, and discovered that they were uneducated and ordinary men, they were amazed and recognized these men had been with Jesus.

O (Observation): After having healed the lame man, the leaders of the church had a hard time figuring out how to control Peter and John.  They don’t necessarily deny the fact that a miracle took place, they just don’t want Jesus’ disciples gaining popularity over the leaders of the church.

The major threat seems to have been the fact that Peter and John are ordinary folks who did not study the Scriptures or the law as much as the scribes and elders had.   That meant that their position of power and privilege was no longer secure…not if these ordinary men could do miraculous signs in Jesus name.  No longer would people need to spend their whole lives studying scripture and the law in order to do God’s work.

A (Application): Who can God work through? Who does God work through? Is it helpful for the church to have pastors and bishops? I think so. But do we sometimes get caught up in the idea that pastors and bishops are the only ones doing God’s work?   Yes!  Absolutely!

God’s work is done through the body of Christ and in many, many other ways.   The joy of today’s text is that we don’t have to have seminary degrees or even a long resume of good deeds in order to do good this day!

Take a step back and think about what you’re feeling.  Let that feeling be shaped by God’s good will towards others.   Let that feeling win out.  Find a way to let that good feeling manifest itself in some positive way towards another person this day.  

Enjoy the fact that God can and does work through so many of us.    Yes, that includes you.  

P (Prayer):  God, continue to do a good work in me and through me.  Amen.  


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