Before Jesus…Elisha

S (Scripture): 2 Kings 4:42 Now a man from Baal Shalisha brought some food for the prophet (Elisha) – twenty loaves of bread made from the firstfruits of the barley harvest, as well as fresh ears of grain. Elisha said, “Set it before the people so they may eat.” 43 But his attendant said, “How can I feed a hundred men with this?” He replied, “Set it before the people so they may eat, for this is what the Lord says, ‘They will eat and have some left over.’” 44 So he set it before them; they ate and had some left over, just as the Lord predicted.

O (Observation): Wait!?!? Jesus wasn’t the only one to feed a multitude!?!?

As Jesus fed the 5,000, he had lifted the bread and blessed it. That action is the key in the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. God blessed the bread and created an abundance.  

And today’s text reminds me that God is the originator of all blessing. Jesus was the full manifestation of God on earth, because God was working through Jesus. And yet, God also worked through the prophets, like Elisha.   

A (Application):  If Elisha can be a conduit for God’s grace, why can’t I?  Well, God can and does work through the likes of you and me.  We simply need to be reminded that the blessing are not ours to give…they are God’s blessings to give.  

Allowing God to shape us and mold us in the waters of baptism and at the Table with bread and wine, we can see that God does abundant work through us.  

In Murfreesboro, we are hoping to engage in some long-term care for the homeless.  Why can’t God work through us?  Well…in fact, God can work through us.  And that’s my hope.  

What is the hope to which you cling?

P (Prayer): Lord, make us a channel of your peace.  Amen.  

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