Already and Not Yet

S (Scripture): John 7:50 Nicodemus, who had gone to Jesus before and who was one of the rulers, said, 51 “Our law doesn’t condemn a man unless it first hears from him and learns what he is doing, does it?”

O (Observation):  The Pharisees are trying to trap Jesus and wondering why some Pharisees didn’t catch Jesus tripping up over his words and arrest him. 

Nicodemus, a Pharisee, visited Jesus at night a while back (see John 3).   Nicodemus was changed by hearing Jesus and his story.   Nicodemus seems to be wondering if he can change the way the Pharisees view Jesus as an insider.  He’s perhaps reforming their view of Jesus. 

A (Application):  I have a hard time hearing the “truth.”   I have an even harder time being changed and seeking a change out of others.  

Should we fault Nicodemus for not leaving the Pharisees?  Was he serving God from within the circle of Pharisees?

I find myself in two worlds: in the current state of things, and in the place where I hope to see the world.  I think that’s what Nicodemus went through.  He was in two places:  an “already” and a “not yet.”

We need strength to live in both places.  We need the Spirit to be able to live in both places.   After all…He started it! : )

P (Prayer): Lord, thank you for your direction. Keep me here and help me to reform.  Amen. 


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