Decisions, Decisions

S (Scripture): Judges 6:36 Gideon said to God, “If you really intend to use me to deliver Israel, as you promised, then give me a sign as proof. 37 Look, I am putting a wool fleece on the threshing floor. If there is dew only on the fleece, and the ground around it is dry, then I will be sure that you will use me to deliver Israel, as you promised.” 38 The Lord did as he asked. When he got up the next morning, he squeezed the fleece, and enough dew dripped from it to fill a bowl. 39 Gideon said to God, “Please do not get angry at me, when I ask for just one more sign. Please allow me one more test with the fleece. This time make only the fleece dry, while the ground around it is covered with dew.” 40 That night God did as he asked. Only the fleece was dry and the ground around it was covered with dew.

O (Observation): God’s people – after the death of Joshua – go through a cycle of doing what is pleasing in the sight of the Lord, and doing what is NOT pleasing in the sight of the Lord.  One thing NOT pleasing is the worship of Ba’al.   God’s people experience a pull to worship Ba’al, and as a result, God allows the neighboring countries to take control of the land in which God’s people are living.  

Gideon is now being called upon to gather God’s people to resist the foreigner peoples and to follow God’s call to lead this resistance.  

Gideon would like a sign, though.   Interestingly, God doesn’t reprimand Gideon for wanting a sign.  Instead, God humors Gideon not once, but twice.  God show Gideon two signs.  Fleece is wet, ground is dry.  Then, fleece is dry, ground is wet.  Pretty solid declaration from The Lord. 

A (Application):  Ever had to make a tough decision?  A major decision?  

Do we get married?  Do I move away from family for a job? Which college do I attend?  Do I go on that mission trip?  Where will I become a part of a faith community?  What am I gonna do with my life?

Decisions are tough.  Understanding your calling in life is tough.  But you’re not alone!

When I started to discern my calling into pastoral ministry I doubted myself and I was cautioned by many (though very few said that I should NOT follow that path).   Yet, over time, as I mentioned it to more and more of my mentors and colleagues and church family, I was encouraged more and more.  God seemed to be dampening the fleece or keeping it dry as signs that I should pursue this course of life.  

You see…God has ways of coming to us and helping us to know what we are called to do.   God has a way of dampening the fleece or leaving it dry.   God has a way of helping us to determine how to move forward.  We need but pay attention.  

What major decisions do you have coming up? How will you seek God’s will in this decision?  

P (Prayer): Lord, you provide for us….help us to answer the call to action.  Amen. 


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