In Word and Deed

S (Scripture): Luke 9:1 After Jesus called the twelve together, he gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, 2 and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.

O (Observation):  Jesus gives authority to his 12 apostles to proclaim and to heal.  Jesus follows a pattern of declaring the kingdom of God is present and actually doing something about it.  First, he proclaims in word.  Next, he does some deed to make it so.  This authority and power is embodied in Jesus Christ as God on earth.   And Jesus passes that authority and power on to the apostles.  

A (Application):  We are very skeptical about our abilities to do what the apostles did, aren’t we?   Proclaim the Kingdom of God is near?   Heal?

Even though we doubt, that is our calling: to share in word and deed that the Kingdom of God is near.  

In the wake of our national turmoil  these past few weeks with shootings and racial tensions, in what ways can we share – in word and deed – that the Kingdom of God is near?  

We have authority and power to help make things happen.  When we doubt, the Spirit nudges us.  When we fail, the Spirit lifts us.   In fact, in doubt and failure, we realize that our true self is insufficient…and Christ is precisely who we need to take us forward in faith.  

In what ways can you affect those you know and care for – in a positive way?  How can you demonstrate your authority and power in constructive ways?

I continue to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed by joining in fellowship with our Muslim neighbors in Murfreesboro – despite the repeated protests by some I know.   Yet, I feel called – with power and authority from God – to make it clear that the Kingdom of God is near and our fellowship is the deed I am supporting.  

How is it going for you?

P (Prayer):  Lord, help us all to know that we are equipped to serve you – in word and deed. Amen. 


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