Our God Reigns…right?

S (Scripture): Psalm 82:1 God stands in the assembly of El; in the midst of the gods he renders judgment.

2 He says,…

6 “I thought, ‘You are gods; all of you are sons of the Most High.’

7 Yet you will die like mortals; you will fall like all the other rulers.”

8 Rise up, O God, and execute judgment on the earth! For you own all the nations.

O (Observation):  The psalmist recognizes God as THE GOD among all gods.  Ancient Israel recognizes other gods, but only submitted to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  (Well, they goofed on that one quite a bit…)

 God is imagined to be standing in an assembly with all of the gods, chastising the other gods for not acting justly.   And so, God judges the others…noting that they will all fall away…just like earthly rulers, they will not last forever.  

A (Application):  I certainly sense other gods in my midst:  the draw towards money, fame, laziness, self-satisfaction, etc.   These are our competing gods.   

What are the gods that compete for your allegiance?

I struggle everyday with these gods…but I shouldn’t feel that is necessary.  Our God stands above all others.  All other gods will fall away.  The allegiance I give to these other gods is in vain.    

But I do it anyway…ugh!

P (Prayer): Lord, not all of my actions or thoughts are resolved.   I do the things I shouldn’t.  I pay attention to the other gods around me.  Help me, God of grace and mercy.  Amen.  


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