Stewardship of Life

S (Scripture): Deuteronomy 6:4 Listen, Israel: The Lord is our God, the Lord is one! 5 You must love the Lord your God with your whole mind, your whole being, and all your strength.

O (Observation): The Hebrew people knew that their God is unique.  Their God is THE ONE God above all others.   The giving of the 10 Commandments to God’s people, which occurs in Deut 5, shows God’s people the boundaries in which they are called to live.  Now, the summation of the Law is this:  there is only one God and that God is to receive all of our mind, being, and strength.  

A (Application):  How distracted do we get?   Don’t we have a million things vying for our attention? 

I don’t have cable, but I’m on my phone quite a bit: Facebook, YouTube, email, etc.  In all of that, I’m inundated with ads and non-important things that end up cluttering my mind.   

My being can be filled with fear to the point of being paralyzed.   Am I worthy?  Am I the right one to help lead?   No.  And no.  But I move forward anyway, by the grace of God. 

Am I strong enough?  Is my strength worthy of God’s calling in my life?  No.  But I am called to give what strength I have. 

Stewardship of life.  This is the response to the grace God gives us.   God gives us Jesus as our salvation, as our example, as the one who sets us free.  And we take what we’ve been given (mind, being, and strength) and we use it for the glory of God.  That is good stewardship.  

How has God worked with you in your stewardship?  When we fail to be a good steward (and trust me, I have failed in many ways) let us be strengthened by the fact that our Lord hears our repentant cries and sets us free to love God and neighbor. 

P (Prayer):  Lord, set us free to be good stewards of our mind, being, and strength. Amen. 


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