Depths of Despair

S (Scripture): Psalm 69:

13 O Lord, may you hear my prayer and be favorably disposed to me! O God, because of your great loyal love, answer me with your faithful deliverance!

14 Rescue me from the mud! Don’t let me sink! Deliver me from those who hate me, from the deep water!

15 Don’t let the current overpower me! Don’t let the deep swallow me up! Don’t let the pit devour me!

16 Answer me, O Lord, for your loyal love is good! Because of your great compassion, turn toward me!

17 Do not ignore your servant, for I am in trouble! Answer me right away!

18 Come near me and redeem me! Because of my enemies, rescue me!

19 You know how I am insulted, humiliated and disgraced; you can see all my enemies.

20 Their insults are painful and make me lose heart; I look for sympathy, but receive none, for comforters, but find none.

21 They put bitter poison into my food, and to quench my thirst they give me vinegar to drink.

O (Observation):  A plea, today.   A plea for God to rescue the individual from drowning in despair.   The author experiences pain and suffering at the hands of those who mock him. 

She knows that the mockers oppose her for her faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.  

He feels as if the waters are rising above his head.  

But they know that the Lord is loyal to those whom the Lord has already claimed.   They know that the Lord will deliver them.  

A (Application):  Feeling overwhelmed today? You are not alone.  For two reasons.  1. Today, someone else you know is overwhelmed.   2. God is with you.  

Today is the first day of NO SCHOOL for our young ones (13 and 10 years old).   By the end of today, I may be repeating the words from the psalmist today : )

I jest. 

But for others I know, today can be difficult.  A friend or loved one has just passed away for some of you.  Preparing for life without a loved one is difficult.  

Some of you are openly mocked or scorned for your lifestyle or for your faith in a God of love.  

Whatever overrwhelms you today, know this: 

the most prolific command from Scripture (from Genesis to Revelation) is “Fear not!”

And what typically follows that command?  “For I am with you.”   

God calls on us to not fear, but backs it up with God’s very own presence.  

P (Prayer): Lord, make yourself known to me today. Amen. 


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