Outside of Ourselves


S (Scripture): Mark 3:13 Now Jesus went up the mountain and called for those he wanted, and they came to him. 14 He appointed twelve (whom he named apostles), so that they would be with him and he could send them to preach 15 and to have authority to cast out demons

O (Observation): Jesus calls the first disciples…to be with him and to give them authority.  These are Jesus’ first actions once the disciples have been called together.  

Be present.  Equip. 

Being present.  Equipping.  These are the two things that strike me from today’s Gospel reading:  

1. Jesus chooses to be with his disciples.  He didn’t send them off to be trained.  He didn’t necessarily pick these twelve because of their background or former training.  He simply called and they responded.  He called them to be WITH HIM.  That means as he went, they would go.  He show them how to heal and preach and teach and BE.  They followed and learned. 

2. Jesus also gave them something that they could not gain on their own: Authority.  That had to come from outside of them.  That authority can only come from The King. 
A (Application): I have found that being present and equipping are two of the most fruitful acts in which I am blessed to play a part.  

Sitting with ill congregational members, hearing someone’s stories of praises or valley experiences, I am blessed to be with so many people.  And the opportunity to equip abounds almost daily.  I am fed by helping to feed others.  I hope this blog is a way for you to be equipped…so that you, too, can equip others.  

P (Prayer): Lord, guide us and keep us on a steadfast journey knowing that you are with us and that you equip us…so that we can be with and equip others.  Amen. 


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