S (Scripture): John 3:18 Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue but in deed and truth.

O (Observation): The author seems to link theses sets of nouns together.  As if the tongue produces words and truth produces deeds.   And which is most valuable?  The author thinks that deeds will come from truth, and gives more weight to the truth.   

Truth means various things, but in John’s writings, truth seems to be about believing in Jesus Christ as Son of God.   And that belief comes through the Holy Spirit causing us to believe. 

A (Application):  I tend to talk a good game…but do I walk the talk?  I’m afraid that I don’t necessarily walk the talk.   I hide behind my role as a leader to help others, and can tend to miss out on an opportunity to get into the nitty-gritty, “on the ground” application.   

I do put my hands to work, at times, and when I do, I gain so much insight into the value of deeds over words.   I see the truth of the Spirit coming forth when I walk alongside others who are in need.   I learn of their joys and struggles, and I am changed. 

Perhaps “truth or deeds” transform more than “tongue or words” can.  Perhaps in that application, deeds are better.   

What are your thoughts?  Do you lift one over the other?  Are both equal?  

Can one lead to the other, cyclically?   Could be…

P (Prayer): Lord, inspire our words and actions by your Spirit. Amen. 


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