Gushing Water… Headed East


S (Scripture): Ezekiel 47:1 Then he brought me back to the entrance of the temple. I noticed that water was flowing from under the threshold of the temple toward the east (for the temple faced east). The water was flowing down from under the right side of the temple, from south of the altar. 2 He led me out by way of the north gate and brought me around the outside of the outer gate that faces toward the east; I noticed that the water was trickling out from the south side.

O (Observation): Author Mike Breen makes some great observations about this passage in his book, “Leading Kingdom Movements.”  Here is a quote from chapter 11 of this book:

I concluded Multiplying Missional Leaders with a passage from Ezekiel that showed how there was an eruption of God’s presence in the Temple.  In this prophetic revelation, the presence of God was represented by a rushing swell of water flowing out of the Temple, out of the city, and in a very particular direction—to the lands of the Gentiles, who were not yet the people of God. 

God’s heart is always toward those not experiencing his covenantal relationship.

God’s people would leave the south gate, just like this water flowing from the south of the temple.   Then, the water takes a left turn and heads east…to the land of the Gentiles – an opportunity for mission!

A (Application):  While the details of the Temple (a temple that was actually never built) are somewhat mind-numbing to a non-builder like me, I do find fascinating the symbolism behind this vision and its impact for us today.

The vision of a new temple that poured out to the east to bring new life where there was mostly death (or simply a lack of life in God) is profound.   

Do we not know of places in our world that seem to lack life?  How about with the homeless or the widowed and orphaned, pushed aside by the likes of you and me?   How about the victims of sex trafficking?   How about in the midst of the consumer-driven, want-it-now-at-all-cost society we live in?

Our call is to know that God is with us, to seek the Lord daily, and to be sent forth to be a witness to those who do not know about (or simply need to be reminded of) a life in God.  Jesus wants to establish a covenant with all people.  

This all begins with establishing relationships in safe and comfortable ways.  

What role have you played in the faith-life of those around you?  What have been the joys or challenges?

P (Prayer):  Lord, we can be sent only because you have already equipped us and established a covenant with us.  We give you thanks for this and ask you to remind us of your presence gushing forth ahead of us.  Amen. 


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