Life after Death

  S (Scripture): Jeremiah 48:46 “Moab, you are doomed! You people who worship Chemosh will be destroyed. Your sons will be taken away captive. Your daughters will be carried away into exile. 47 Yet in days to come I will reverse Moab’s ill fortune.” says the Lord. The judgment against Moab ends here.

O (Observation): The Lord rants about the evil that His people Moab have been committing and their sure punishment.  

Yet even in the midst of their evil, The Lord promises a reversal of their fortune.  

In other words…life after death. 

A (Application): My hope for life after death has very little to do with eyewitness accounts and books and movies claiming that heaven is for real.  Rather, my hope comes from the Holy Spirit who causes me to believe that the Bible tells of God’s Salvation History.  That God’s people have been called and strayed and felt death and suffering…but always experience some sort of new birth through a death experience.  Moab’s death to a promise of a re-birth.  Good Friday to Easter Sunday. 

In reading through the stories of God and of God’s people, stories like that of Moab and her people, give me hope.  Why?  Because, I, too break from the path God has laid out for me…I miss what God says, I turn a deaf ear to the call to help my neighbor.    And in ignoring these callings, I fail to live into my Identity as a child of God.  This failing brings me pain…a sort of death and disappointment.  

But then, I hear God…sometimes faintly…sometimes like a blaring horn…saying, “You are my child.  With you, I am well pleased.  Here.   Take these gifts and callings.  Use them for me.  You have felt death. Now feel true life in sacrificial love to your neighbor!”

What has your “death” experience been like?  What did it feel like to have The Lord bring you new life?

P (Prayer): Lord, bring me peace and hope this day. Amen. 


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