Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

  S (Scripture): Jeremiah 36:25 The king (Jehoiakim) did not even listen to Elnathan, Delaiah, and Gemariah, who had urged him not to burn the scroll. 26 He also ordered Jerahmeel, who was one of the royal princes, Seraiah son of Azriel, and Shelemiah son of Abdeel to arrest the scribe Baruch and the prophet Jeremiah. However, the Lord hid them.
27 The Lord spoke to Jeremiah after Jehoiakim had burned the scroll containing what Jeremiah had spoken and Baruch had written down. 28 “Get another scroll and write on it everything that was written on the original scroll that King Jehoiakim of Judah burned…”
32 Then Jeremiah got another scroll and gave it to the scribe Baruch son of Neriah. As Jeremiah dictated, Baruch wrote on this scroll everything that had been on the scroll that King Jehoiakim of Judah burned in the fire. They also added on this scroll several other messages of the same kind.

O (Observation): King Jehoiakim didn’t like the words of condemnation written on the scroll that he eventually burned…the words foretold of the Babylonians coming and taking control of Jerusalem and the entire land of the Israelites.  

Was the king holding on because of pride?  Was he clinging to power and control?  Was he being brave in trying to take a stand?  

Seems like his pride was getting the better of him.  Seems like he was trying to hold on to a position of power, rather than power that comes from a Gospel movement.  

Taking a stand is okay when it is for the Gospel.   But when it is only out of pride or positional power…then perhaps that stand is for naught.  

A (Application):  How can one look at this text through the lens of “Give us this day our daily bread.”?  My devotions of late have me looking at the scriptures through the various petitions of The Lord’s Prayer. 

The idea of Daily Bread is much more than just food.  An expanded understanding of Daily Bread can include all that we need to be sustained in this life.  That includes provision of safety and anything else that God wishes to put forth.  

In today’s text, Jeremiah and Baruch (Jeremiah’s scribe) are to be arrested, but for the time being, The Lord’s Provision comes in the form of hiding Jeremiah and Baruch.   

The king decides to burn the scroll that The Lord called Jeremiah to write out…but once again, The Lord provides.   They get another scroll, and The Lord’s Provision comes through again.  

No matter what the circumstances, The Lord will provide a way.   And even though people (including you and me) can get in the way, The Lord still finds a way to provide.  

That provision may not always be what we expect.  Imagine if you were the king.   What would provision look like?  Defeat!  Exile!  But then, for us sitting here in 2015, we know what eventually happens…God’s people are brought back from their Banylonian exile (another provision from the Lord).   And eventually, the stump of Jesse shoots forth to bring us the Savior, Jesus Christ.  

Good stuff.  God provides…just not always in a manner that we expect.  

P (Prayer): Lord, Provider, give us this day – and every day – our daily bread.  Amen. 


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