Thy Kingdom Come…

  S (Scripture): Psalm 105:23 Israel moved to Egypt; Jacob lived for a time in the land of Ham.

24 The Lord made his people very fruitful, and made them more numerous than their enemies.

25 He caused them to hate his people, and to mistreat his servants.

26 He sent his servant Moses, and Aaron, whom he had chosen.

27 They executed his miraculous signs among them, and his amazing deeds in the land of Ham.

O (Observation): This psalm obviously makes reference to Moses being sent to Egypt to set God’s people free.    Submitting to God is the key element here for Moses.   God’s will is done on earth, through these plagues.  While this seems difficult and destructive, God’s will is done, regardless.  

A (Application):  When we pray: “Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven…” we tend to think of nice things to come.  However, God’s authority and power, given to Moses, is used for destructive purposes. God gets the attention of the Egyptians, and God’s will is done.

In these days, though, I see God’s Kingdom (as best I can) through the eyes of Jesus.  In Jesus, we see a different side of God: peace-filled, steady, servant-like.   

Perhaps this way of Jesus is what we are called to.   Gone are the days of bringing calamity on other peoples.  Instead, we are about the work of restoring relationships and bringing awareness of God’s presence here and now.  

P (Prayer): Lord, call us to live out your will here and now.  No sense in waiting, right?  We need your guidance. Bring us your will, so we can live it out here. Amen. 


One thought on “Thy Kingdom Come…

  1. When I pray this I am telling God that I will work His way and do His will now to help create His kingdom here on earth just as it is in Heaven. Wayne Linke 404-788-0474 cell

    (\O/) Angels always / \ watch over us

    “Remember: we can approach the future with confidence because we know the end from the beginning; the mustard seed wins the day.” — Tom Sine

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