Faith 5

  Today I had an opportunity to speak at Redeemer Classical Academy. 

I taught them a practice that we are trying work into our daily lives in my home (and at our church).  The practice has a way of drawing us closer to one another and to God.  Rarely have we done all the steps consistently, but we de engage in part of the process. 

What process?  Faith 5!

What?…you don’t know about Faith5?  Let me give you the basics:

  • Share
  • Read
  • Talk
  • Pray
  • Bless

That’s it : )

What? You want me to explain? (Sigh…) ok…  (Just kidding : )

  • Share a high and low for the day
  • Read a Bible verse or story
  • Talk about how that Scripture reading connects to your highs and lows (or any though that the Scripture brings to mind)
  • Pray about your highs and lows
  • Bless one another (make mark of cross on one another’s foreheads or hands and say something like, “May the Lord bless you this day.”)

This amazing little exercise, done consistently and over time draws us deeper into our relationships with one another and with God. 

The website (linked below) has some great explanations as to how and why this works.  And the best part: this is so simple!!!!   No blessings, thoughts, prayers are right or wrong here.   Just go for it!

Let me know if this is something you already do…want to do…or are afraid to do.   Let’s chat about it.  

Information about Faith 5 can be found here.



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