Prophet – it’s a Calling


S (Scripture): Jeremiah 11:18 The Lord gave me knowledge, that I might have understanding.  Then he showed me what the people were doing.

19 Before this I had been like a docile lamb ready to be led to the slaughter.  I did not know they were making plans to kill me.  I did not know they were saying,

“Let’s destroy the tree along with its fruit! Let’s remove Jeremiah from the world of the living so people will not even be reminded of him any more.”

O (Observation):  So this is the hard truth for prophets.  Harm may come to you for speaking the truth.  In this case, I take it on faith that God’s Word is truth.  

The truth spoken here is that God’s people have been wandering from the Lord.   God’s people have been worshipping other gods and still bringing sacrifices to The Lord, as if they were only worshipping the one, true God!   They think they can pull the wool over God’s eyes!

A (Application): Based on that last statement, seems to me like we aren’t that far off from our ancestors in the faith.   We, too, bring ourselves and time and money to the Lord, but at the same time, we worship things and powers and idols in the world.  

We worship our jobs, our cars, our yards, our phones, our children….  and when someone comes along and challenges us on this, what is our response?  Anger!!!

You can’t tell me what to do!   Don’t judge me!  Who really does what you’re talking about?!?!?  No one is perfect!

We get so defensive.   And then, we throw our evil responses on the person speaking the truth.   Being a prophet isn’t easy.  

A mature prophet will not judge, but let the words come from The Lord.  A mature prophet will share a prophecy with close friends to make sure that he/she has support. 

Prophets exist in our world today.  Paul talks about how each of us has a calling: Apostle, Prophet, Evangelsist, Shepherd/Pastor, Teacher.  To learn about what your calling could be, or what phase of ministry you are in right now, please go to the following site, and post your results below. 


P (Prayer): Lord, prophets are not easily accepted.  Give us hearts that will take the wise words of the prophets in our midst, that we might learn from You.  Amen.  


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