S (Scripture): Isaiah 33:10 “Now I will RISE UP,” says the Lord. “Now I will exalt myself; now I will magnify myself.”

O (Observation):  God’s people receive words from the prophet Isaiah, in a time when the people of God are starting to see the err of their ways.  Their hopes shifted away from God to their own devices.  This has not been a good shift for God’s people.  

And as God does, God steps in to correct ill-informed decisions.  God chooses to RISE UP!

A (Application):  How often do we choose the wrong path?   How often are we wandering in the wilderness, because we didn’t take the clear (yet difficult) path God has laid out for us?

For all kinds of reasons, we wander…

But for this week, all roads lead to Detroit for those of us participating in the ELCA Youth Gathering in Detroit, MI, July 15-19!!!!

Why Detroit?   I’ve been asked that a lot.  I tell folks that the Gathering leaders pick cities that can handle us, logistically, but also they look to see which cities could use a good dose of love, mercy, and grace.   How great is it that we (the participants of the Youth Gathering) get to RISE UP TOGETHER with the great people of Detroit? 

I hope to learn about the city and its people.  I hope to serve the people of Detroit.  (We do a whole day of service!  Imagine that over a 3-day span, we will put forth 150,000 service hours!!!)

God chose to rise up in Israel to bring forth a savior in Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ will now be with us as we RISE UP TOGETHER with the people of Detroit.  

Let’s roll out.  

P (Prayer):  Lord, be with us as we travel and open our hearts and minds to serve and to learn from the people of Detroit.  Rise up, so that we might love, serve, and walk with the people of Detroit. Amen. 


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