Those Who Have Given Their Lives


Today, I take some abiding time, but also recognize why I have this day off:  Memorial Day.   I pray that all of us realize the lengths at which some will go to protect people from evil and hatred in this world.   As the saying goes for the military: All gave some, some gave all.  

Here is a prayer for those who have died in the midst of war. 

Prayer for those who have given their lives

Eternal God, we give thanks for all those who have shown the greatest love by laying down their lives for others. We especially thank you for those in our military throughout history who have sacrificed their lives for their fellow citizens and for us who came after. As we remember their service, keep us mindful of all those for whom this day is a burden, and send your spirit of comfort to them. Be present with all the women and men who are serving in the military today. [Though they are at war] let them live for the peace known only from you. Help us to be worthy of their legacy, and keep us mindful of their service, that in all things we may live our lives in praise and thanksgiving to you; through Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord. Amen.  (Evangelical Lutheran Worship – Prayer Book for the Armed Services)


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