S (Scripture): Proverbs 1:1 The Proverbs of Solomon son of David, king of Israel:
1:2 To learn wisdom and moral instruction, and to discern wise counsel.
1:3 To receive moral instruction in skillful living, in righteousness, justice, and equity.
1:4 To impart shrewdness to the morally naive, and a discerning plan to the young person.

O (Observation): King Solomon desired wisdom above all else, even above wealth and strength, when he was annointed as the king of Israel.   In the Proverbs, he shares his wisdom. 

Wisdom, moral instruction, and shrewdness are the core elements of the proverbs.  

A (Application):  I have to admit that I have not spent much time in the Proverbs lately, so I’m looking forward to this journey.  

The element that jumps out at me is v. 4: To impart shrewdness to the morally naive

For much of my life, I’ve heard the phrase, “Don’t be so heavenly-minded, that you are no earthly-good.”  Perhaps this phrase is supported by Solomon’s notion of shrewdness.  To be shrewd is to guard against naïveté. And Solomon focuses on those who are morally naive. 

I would consider myself more morally naive than not.  I tend to think that things will work themselves out.  I’d rather sit back and let others lead the way.   Of course, that’s not what God made us for.  

We are God’s hands and feet in this world.  We are not to sit back, but rather, use the gifts we are given for the sake of the other.  We are naive if we think things will just work themselves out.  God gave us brains…(and arms, and hands, and feet) so let’s use them! 

God’s Work. Our Hands. Sunday is September 13, 2015.   This is the ELCA’s initiative for an annual day of service in our local communities.   Last year, one such project was to help out at the Way of Hope – a women and children’s shelter.  We played with youngsters to give their parents some rest. 

We hope to help again this year, using some of the wisdom bestowed upon us by our Lord above.  

What opportunities have you seen in which you can put some of Solomon’s wisdom to use?

P (Prayer): Lord, give us discerning minds and wisdom to know how to enact your justice in this world. Amen. 


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