My Little Manifesto – in defense of our faith

  S (Scripture): Psalm 59:1 Deliver me from my enemies, my God!  Protect me from those who attack me!
59:2 Deliver me from evildoers!  Rescue me from violent men!
59:3 For look, they wait to ambush me;
powerful men stalk me, but not because I have rebelled or sinned, O Lord…
59:8 But you, O Lord, laugh in disgust at them; you taunt all the nations.
59:9 You are my source of strength! I will wait for you!  For God is my refuge.

O (Observation):  David (the proposed psalmist) shares his feelings of fear and anxiety when fleeing from his enemies, who literally want to take his life.  He is being attacked and seeks refuge from the Lord.   

Ultimately, he knows that his rescue will come from the Lord, and not his own doing.  We don’t normally associate God with taunting, but that is what the psalmist hopes for here – a retribution fitting of the crime. 

A (Application):  I spoke with a young gentleman the other day.  He, like David, was being attacked.  And this time, the attack came from fellow believers.  (An uncanny parallel between Saul and David, I think.) 

This young man expressed his understanding of grace in the midst of a conversation, and was told that his life had been wasted up to this point, that his was an understanding not supported by Scripture.   The accuser than put anothe clip in the Gospel Gun and fired away.  What a shame. 

I can understand if we don’t subscribe to other’s belief systems, but what happened was shameful…and frankly, I hope the Lord laughs at that person.  (That’s a human response…an earthly, retribution-based response, I know, but it does lie beneath the surface of my skin, if I’m being honest.)

What I hope for this situation is found in v. 9

You are my source of strength! I will wait for you!  For God is my refuge. – Psalm 59:9

In the face of our enemies, I want this young man, and all who believe, to lean on this verse.  God is our strength, not retribution (even though it burns in our ‘Murican bellies).  God is our refuge, not my own smarts or strength.  

This is the way of the cross: that I don’t have to win every argument.  That I won’t use Scripture as a weapon to tear others down. No. I will use Scripture to point to Christ, not just to other words to condemn.  I will speak of a God whose love knows no bounds.  A God who (in the form of a human) stretched out his arms and says, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  A God who redeems us in the midst of our sin, who washes us clean in the baptismal waters, and feeds us along the way with bread and wine.  I believe in a God who calls me to action: to love God and neighbor in tangible ways, who equips me by giving me authority and power to heal and forgive.  This is my God.  A God of love.  God is love.  

May God give you the heart and words to act and speak as one who loves God and loves thy neighbor. 

Have you had a similar experience to King David, or this young man I described?   What was your response? Are you waiting for the Lord to respond?   Listen closely, and gather other believers around you to help you clarify what God is saying to you.  Then, act on God’s word to you. 

P (Prayer):  Lord, we seek your strength in the midst of adversity.  Guide our hearts and our words, that we may ever love you, glorify you, magnify you.  Amen. 


4 thoughts on “My Little Manifesto – in defense of our faith

  1. Amen, Michael. Too many people use the Bible as a weapon instead of a road map. Truth be known if used as a weapon we would all be beaten by it! Love your posts, Wayne Linke 404-788-0474 cell

    (\O/) Angels always / \ watch over us

    “We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.” — Jimmy Carter

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  2. This was a good post for me to read. For me, my pet peeve is when I see holy-rolling Christians get high and mighty about certain issues but then feel nothing at all when they see the poor and the downtrodden suffer. I can’t tell you how livid it make me. My instinct is to use scripture as a weapon against them to show them how wrong they are. After reading your post, though, maybe I need to rethink my tactics. We must work to free the oppressed but more importantly we must liberate the oppressors as well. No one was ever liberated with a gospel gatling gun.

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    • Amen! Like I said here, I, too, want retribution. Even if it means quoting Scripture right back…(sigh)

      We can use Scripture…Jesus did, as he was tempted by the devil, but that was a little different, maybe? I’ll have to think on this…

      Perhaps if we use Scripture to love, rather than conquer…I think I’m okay with that. If my quoting Scripture points to Jesus and what God is doing to rescue us and grant us grace, I’m okay. I guess it’s the intent that makes it okay for me.

      Scripture as a shield, not as a weapon. I think I can go there.


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