Simon says…


Scripture: 1 Corinthians 4:16 “Therefore I urge you to imitate me.”

Observation:  In the prior verse (4:15), Paul discusses the differences between a “guardian” and a “father”.  The guardian had limited capacity to correct, but the father figure had a much greater influence.  Paul says, “In Christ Jesus, I became your father through the Gospel.”  Paul’s authority is not his own, but that which comes through being a subject of the King – Christ Jesus, himself.

Authority:  Most mainline Christians would cry, “FOUL!” if they said, “Imitate me!”   We are trained to have others look elsewhere for a good example.   If we are lifted up, we are told that someone else must do the “lifting up.”   I get that…I do.   But there is some level of imitation that can and should be done, intentionally.   The pointing, it must be said, is NOT to the individual who is seeking to be imitated, but rather, the pointing is to Jesus Christ – the one who gives the authority in the first place.

Better said, “Imitate me, as I imitate Christ.”

The methodology we are given is “INFORMATION,” “IMITATION,” “INNOVATION.”   How can someone take information and innovate, unless one has first had an opportunity to imitate, first?   The methodology I use has me learning information, adapting someone else’s model (imitation) first…and then I figure out what works best for me (innovation).   The goal isn’t to become a drone, but to struggle through to the point of being able to take in information, use it in a way that it is already being used, and then figure out how it works in my context.

That’s the point of this blog!!!  I take information (Scripture), I give you something to imitate (the SOAP model), and then I invite you to imitate.  Check out the Tools section, again, to see ONE model that you can imitate…and then, innovate away!!!


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