“I see Workaholics. They’re everywhere. And they don’t even Know Their Workaholics.”

Anyone get the movie reference???  Yes, the Sixth Sense…

Hello all!  Moving forward, I’ll be interspersing some articles that I find relevant to me as a leader of a congregation and a family.

Work and Rest rarely balance out in our lives.  And maybe we won’t get the perfect balance, but Working From Rest is not the norm.  Quite often we want to Rest after a LONG DAY of work.   The more I study Scripture and work on my faith walk, I see God calling us to rest, first…in order to work.  These concepts were first revealed to me as part of a discipleship group in which we discuss a pendulum swinging between the two extremes of Rest and Work.  The book that spells this out is Building a Discipling Culture.  (Click on the title to order.)


The idea is that we find rhythms: daily, weekly, monthly, annually…  Why?  God calls us to rhythms.  Jesus went off in the morning to pray…  Adam and Eve were created, then rested (the first Sabbath) and then went to work…  Does this resonate with you???  Are you Resting too much???  Working too much???  Ask a loved one to rate you on a scale of 1 (poor) to 10 (great) on how well your rhythms are working out right now…  You could get an answer you didn’t expect.

I posted the following on Twitter recently, a message having to do with Working too much.  This is a quote from and a link to a Craig Nieuwhof’s leadership podcast.  Enjoy!

“Workaholism is the most rewarded addiction in our country.” —  

via Craig Nieuwhof

Part of what I love about Craig Neiuwhof’s podcast is that he includes lots of show notes and 3 actionable steps that are a catalyst towards action.  Enjoy!


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