Dang! We’re in a Tight Spot!



S (Scripture): Job 5:6 Eliphaz: “For evil does not come up from the dust,
nor does trouble spring up from the ground,
5:7 but people are born to trouble,
as surely as the sparks fly upward.”

6:14 Job: “To the one in despair, kindness should come from his friend
even if he forsakes the fear of the Almighty.
6:15 My brothers have been as treacherous as a seasonal stream,
and as the riverbeds of the intermittent streams
that flow away.”

O (Observation): Eliphaz is trying to make sense of why Job is going through this suffering.  His conclusion is, essentially, good things happen to good people.  Bad things happen to bad people…and the bad things that happen are caused from within one’s own self (see 5:6-7 above).  

This is how Eliphaz explains Job’s situation:  Job must have messed up somewhere along the way. 

But Job’s response, if we take him at his word, reveals that he has done nothing to deserve this calamity.  Assuming this is true,  Eliphaz is wrong.  This evil did NOT rise up from within Job, and therefore this situation is NOT Job’s fault.  

Job seeks sympathy and encouragement.  What he gets from this friend is blame and judgment. 

A (Application):  Kelly and I have been in tight spots plenty of times. 

 (Btw, when I think of “tight spots”, I think of George Clooney from “O Brother Where Art Thou”: “Dang!  We’re in a tough spot.”)

Birth of middle child…needed Medicaid to get us through.  The older two children have been to the ER/hospital…more then once.  Too many bills at the end of the month.  Maxed out credit cards.  Broken down vehicles.  Getting fired/wanting to quit.

We’ve seen some rough times over the 14 years of wedded bliss…nothing like Job…but we can make some connections.   If Eliphaz was our friend, we’d start looking into our past to see where we screwed up. To see where we could have made “better” choices.   

Sure, we’ve made mistakes, but we’ve also been surrounded by encourages, rather than blamers.  I think God puts encourages in our lives.   The Devil is the Accuser.  God is the Assurer.  

I hope to remember that God is the one who carries me through and sends people and the Spirit to me to encourage me in rough times. 

What tough issues are you going through?   Are you surrounded by Eliphaz’s or encourages?  Reach out to me or someone if you need some encouragement.   Use my Contact page to connect with me privately, or leave a public comment below. 

May you know encouragement this day!

P (Prayer): Lord, we struggle when things go wrong.  Guide encourages towards us, that we may know grace in the midst of difficult times.  Amen. 

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