Raw Prayer

S (Scripture):Psalm 35:17 O Lord, how long are you going to just stand there and watch this?
Rescue me from their destructive attacks;
guard my life from the young lions!

O (Observation): The Psalms always amaze me.  This verse removes the delicate nature of prayer, and rips apart our pre-conceived notions that prayer is only a quiet reflective piece. 

This is raw. This is deep fear and pain welling up inside the speaker of this psalm.

A (Application):  I feel like I have permission, now, to call out to God in more raw and passionate ways.  Too often, I wait for the reflective time in the morning to communicate with God, but it’s more than that, right?

When I feel like young lions are about to devour me, I’m going to remember this psalm.  When I see lions attacking others,  I’ll question you, God. 

What makes you want to cry out to God this day?

P (Prayer):  Lord, ISIS and terrorism are making us all question you.  Where are you?   How will you work things out so that we know you are present in the midst of these terror attacks?  

Our nation is polarized thanks to politics.  Where are you in all of this?

Lord, I know you’re here.  Help me to see you.  Better yet, make part of the Kingdom solution.  Amen. 


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