To be, or not to be… Complacent

S (Scripture):

Acts 26:20 but I declared to those in Damascus first, and then to those in Jerusalem and in all Judea, and to the Gentiles, that they should repent and turn to God, performing deeds consistent with repentance. 

O (Observation):  Paul gives his defense before King Agrippa, who is a higher up in the Roman government.  Paul explains that his call is to invite Jews and Gentiles to “repent and turn to God.”  Hardly an issue for the government to get involved with, right?

It depends…

If what you say insights riots, then yes, the government feels the need to get involved.  

A (Application):  What sticks with me is not the government involvement, but the fact that the level of unrest gets this big!  Paul’s rights as a Roman citizen allow him a trial, but the fact the fact that he is so hated by his fellow (former) religious community.  

Paul’s words are prophetic.  Prophetic words rarely sit well with the establishment.  

Seems to me that prophetic words coming to us when we are doing “good” is about keeping us from being complacent in our “good.”   Prophetic words coming to us when we are “doing bad” is usually about prodding us into the proper direction.  

Paul received a prophetic vision to follow a different path…one which called for him to invite other to repent and turn to God.  

My prophetic visions of late are coming (I think) in a time when things are good: as a family, as a congregation, as an individual.  We are doing good things, but I sense God is calling me/us to do GREAT things.  We’ll see what that looks like.  

For now, I’ll continue to share these visions with others.  I just sure don’t want to sit on trial.   We’ll see. 

Have you received prophetic visions?  If so, who have you shared them with? My advice: Don’t go it alone!

P (Prayer):  Lord, you share visions with us.  Help us to be mature in how we respond to your vision.  Help us to see the purpose of these visions and to be bold in sharing these visions with others, so that we can invite them into the conversation of the unveiling of your kingdom come. Amen. 


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